Gamefly Stole From Me!!

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

So recently I decided to finally cancel gamefly. I hadn’t been using it very well- I would get games and keep them for a really long time, months at a time. It would have been better just to buy the games generally.

When I finally decided to cancel, I put the games in the mail that same morning. I wanted to make sure I did not get charged for them… Well today I loaded my bank account and they had charged me almost $100- for games that they would have charged me around $20 each to buy from them. So not only did they charge me for games I returned, they charged me more than they charge to purchase the games.

I did a little google-ing and it turns out a ton of people have had similar problems. They send their games back and then they get an email saying that gamefly didn’t get the games but it is okay if they just reactivate the account. Well I don’t have access to the email account for the gamefly account any more, it is my ex’s email. So I never got the horrible effort to bully me into reactivating.. I just got charged.

I sent them an email and if they don’t refund me I plan to dispute the charges. It is pretty clear that they are not an honest company. The number of people who have experienced their disgusting retention scheme and written about it online is amazing. I used to recommend gamefly to people with kids who go through a lot of video games but not anymore. They stole $100 out of my bank account ¬†because I didn’t reply to their shady emails trying to force me to resubscribe. I would guess that they assumed if I didn’t reply to the emails I also wouldn’t notice or do anything about their theft.

I will add to this when I hear back from support or if I have to go to my bank about the fraud.