Louisiana 2014 Legislative Session: Items to Watch Part XI

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This is part of my ongoing effort to highlight and provide brief summaries of legislative items in the 2014 session. If you have an item you would suggest I keep an eye on, drop me a line through the contact form. 

This entry covers: SB527, SB541, SB546, SB551, HR1, HCR1

Senate Bill 527 (SB527)  (Heitmeier)  This is a “complete streets” bill aiming to increase the accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists on streets in the state. Update: This bill was considered at a March 26th meeting but did not progress at that meeting.

Senate Bill 541 (SB541)  (Mills) This is a medical marijuana law for the state of Louisiana. It limits the doctors who can prescribe it to neurologists, oncologists, or ophthalmologists – I would guess to prevent a situation like in California where it is very easy to get a “weed card.” 

Senate Bill 546 (SB546)  (Adley) – This bill would make it so that government authorities can not sue oil companies and would apply retroactively. It is a blatant attempt to de-validate this suit.  I would guess Adley has some big oil donors…

Senate Bill 551 (SB551)  (Peacock) This bill seeks to restrict picketing in labor disputes and it appears that because the wording is very open it could be used to prevent almost all picketing. Update: It seems this bill is not unique to Louisiana 

House Resolution 1 (HR1)   (Moreno) This resolution calls for the legislative auditor to evaluate the use of solitary confinement in the state.

House Concurrent Resolution 1 (HCR)  (Edwards)  This resolution calls for the Department of Health and Hospitals to implement the Medicaid expansion called for under the Affordable Care Act.