Louisiana 2014 Legislative Session: Items to Watch Part XIII

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This is part of my ongoing effort to highlight and provide brief summaries of legislative items in the 2014 session. If you have an item you would suggest I keep an eye on, drop me a line through the contact form. 

This entry covers: HB627, HB631, HB644, HB645, HB646, HB675, HB676, HB677, HB670, HB673, HB687

House Bill 627 (HB627) (Leger) – This constitutional amendment would establish a redistricting commission which would propose three plans for each public body to be redistricted one of which would be selected by the legislature. It lays out how the commission members would be selected and details as to how the commission would function- including that all their meetings must be public.

House Bill 631 (HB631)  (Arnold) This bill prohibits issuance of a citation for a moving violation through the mail. This appears to target the red light “tickets” (technically citations not tickets) by mail. Last year Rep Arnold introduced a different bill also addressing such ticketing.  It stalled out in committee.

Several bills from Rep Hunter address the minimum wage topic.  They include:

House Bill 644 (HB644) The first bill of the group removes the prohibition against local governmental entities from setting a local minimum wage rate.

House Bill 645 (HB645) Establishes a state minimum wage law at the same rate as the federal minimum (along with state penalties for violating it).

House Bill 646 (HB646)  This  establishes a state minimum wage  and sets it at $8.25 per hour for businesses that have 249,999 or fewer employees and $8.50 per hour for businesses with 250,000 or more employees with adjustment to be made for inflation and with the wage to be re-examined every 4 years.

House Bill 675 (HB675) This establishes a local minimum wage for West Monroe of $7.25 starting in 2015 and then $8.25 in 2016.

House Bill 676 (HB676) This establishes a local minimum wage for Monroe of $7.25 starting in 2015 and then $8.25 in 2016.

House Bill 677 (HB677) This establishes a local minimum wage for Ouachita Parish of $7.25 starting in 2015 and then $8.25 in 2016.

House Bill 670 (HB670)  (Smith)  This bill would authorize release of certain inmates sentenced as habitual offenders to intensive parole supervision programs if they meet a set of 8 requirements.

House Bill 673 (HB673)  (Williams) This would require police to seize firearms when responding to domestic violence claims. The minimum seizure would be for 24 hours so that a court can evaluate if a longer seizure is merited. Here is a bit about guns , domestic violence, and the risks. 

House Bill 687 (HB687)  (Barrow) Requires licensing and record maintenance pursuant to the Louisiana Consumer Credit Law and the Louisiana Deferred Presentment and Small Loan Act for out of state lenders. Currently lenders without an office in the state are exempt from those laws.