Louisiana 2014 Legislative Session: Items to Watch Part XV

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

This is part of my ongoing effort to highlight and provide brief summaries of legislative items in the 2014 session. If you have an item you would suggest I keep an eye on, drop me a line through the contact form. 

This entry covers: HB804, HB813, HB826, HB827, HB828, HB829, HB835, HB836, HB839, HB849, HB859, HB861, HB871, HB876, HB877, HB887, HB889, and HB896

House Bill 804 (HB804)  (Brossett)   This adds sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and marital status to the protected statuses under the La. Equal Housing Opportunity Act.

House Bill 813 (HB813)  (Hunter)    This bill  prohibits an employer from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history on a job application if state or federal law does not require a criminal background check for the position for which the applicant is applying.

House Bill 826 (HB826)  (Bishop)  This bill repeals Louisiana’s “Stand your ground” law. (A bit about the bias common in these laws)

House Bill 827 (HB827)   (Woodruff)  This bill would require food service establishment inspection reports to be posted on the Dept. of Health and Hospitals’ website.

House Bill 828 (HB828)   (Woodruff)   This bill would require disclosure if a food product contains a cloned animal or the progeny of a cloned animal.

House Bill 829 (HB829)   (Woodruff)    This bill would require labeling of GMO food products.

House Bill 835 (HB835)  (Harris)  This bill adds the prohibition of selling e-cigarettes to minors. Because of the way the law is written currently they are not covered by the tobacco laws.

House Bill 836 (HB836)  (Harrison)  This bill would require the development and implementation of an accountability system for non public schools participating in the voucher system.

House Bill 839 (HB839)  (Honore)  This would change the state classification of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.

House Bill 849 (HB849)  (Hunter)  This bill would prohibit employers in a municipality with a population greater than 48,000 from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history on a job application if state or federal law does not require a criminal background check for the position for which the applicant is applying.

House Bill 859 (HB859)  (Arnold)  This bill would require traffic lights with enforcement cameras to use the maximum caution or “yellow light” interval duration of six seconds.

House Bill 861 (HB861)  (Willmott) This bill would prohibit the transport of dogs and cats in the beds of pickup trucks on roads with a speed limit of 40 mph or higher unless properly crated and secured.

House Bill 871 (HB871)   (Smith)  This adds certain measures to the Louisiana Equal Housing Opportunity Act including protections for  sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran’s status, lawful source of income, and status as a victim of domestic abuse. It also prohibits discrimination based on an arrest or conviction record unless there is a reasonable fear of safety.

House Bill 876 (HB876)    (Seabaugh)  This bill authorizes “traditional” greetings and symbols for winter holidays in schools. It is essentially a “war on christmas” related bill to solve an imaginary problem. Update: This bill is scheduled for a March 26th committee meeting

House Bill 877 (HB877)  (Hollis)  This is another law attempting to outlaw federal law. It declares the Affordable Care Act invalid in the state and prohibits the state and state officials from enforcing it or participating in it.

House Bill 887 (HB887)  (St Germain)  This is a bill to prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

House Bill 889 (HB889)  (Hollis) This is a bill to establish a fund and board to help state residents “opt out” of the Affordable Care Act.

House Bill 896 (HB896)  (Danahay)  This prohibits the use of automated speed enforcement cameras on interstates. Update: This bill is scheduled for a committee meeting on March 24th. Update: This bill was unanimously reported favorably from committee and will got to the full house.