Representative Shaming – Anti-Choice Edition

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Not one of the 19 members of the House Committee on Health and Welfare had the courage to vote against the Anti-Choice House Bill 388 (HB388) leaving Committee. There is not a single “nay” on sending the measure to the full house.

The bill has similar measures to the Texas bill which was filibustered by Wendy Davis and later passed through in a special session and is currently causing clinics across that state to close at a rapid rate.

It appears two members did not vote on the measure but from the record here  it is unclear if they abstained from the vote intentionally or if they were not there at the time of the vote.

Voting to severely jeopardize full reproductive health care access for women in the state were the following representatives:

Scott Simon Republican District 74

Regina Barrow  Democrat District 29

Richard Burford  Republican District 7

Kenny Cox  Democrat District 23

Lance Harris Republican District 25

Kenneth Havard  Republican District 62

Bob Hensgens  Republican District 47

Dorthy Sue Hill  Democrat District 32

Frank Hoffman Republican District 15

Katrina Jackson Democrat District 16

Bernard LeBas Democrat District 38

John Morris Republican District 1

J. Rogers Pope Republican District 71

Julie Stokes Republican District 79

Lenar Whitney  Republican District 53

Patrick Williams  Democrat District 4

Thomas Willmott  Republican District 92

Not voting on the measure:

John Anders  Democrat District 21

A B Franklin Democrat District 34

If you are concerned about women’s access to reproductive freedom in the state, I would strongly recommend you get in touch with your representative about this issue. I will update once the floor debate date is scheduled for this bill.