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New Bethany, Abuse, and the Far Right

Recently, the Times Picayune has been running a long read series on the New Bethany Home for Girls.  I read it, knowing full well the feeling in the pit of my stomach that would result. New Bethany was for decades a horrifying prison masquerading as a school. The survivors of the abuse at the school have found each other thanks to the internet and through their sharing many have gained the courage to come forward about the physical abuse, neglect, mental abuse, and sexual abuse they endured during their time there. Many girls ran away and were returned to the school by local authorities. One survivor attempted to kill herself with a piece of glass while at the school and they simply bandaged her up. No visit to a doctor or hospital.


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Carrot Cake Macarons

I have been working on making macaron’s recently. I had bought an entire cookbook on the topic some time back but was so daunted by it that it just hadn’t happened. Then, I found this amazing website.   She really breaks down the cookie and busts numerous myths surrounding macaron making.

Even with her amazing instructions, my first batch was a flop. I over-mixed and the cookies stayed really flat during baking. The second batch though.. adorable and delicious!

Carrot cake macarons

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I took some dried carrots and ground them up and put them in with the almond flour and powdered sugar- plus a tiny touch of cinnamon. For the filling, I made a simple cream cheese frosting with a dash of ginger. Voila! Carrot cake macarons.