Carrot Cake Macarons

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

I have been working on making macaron’s recently. I had bought an entire cookbook on the topic some time back but was so daunted by it that it just hadn’t happened. Then, I found this amazing website.   She really breaks down the cookie and busts numerous myths surrounding macaron making.

Even with her amazing instructions, my first batch was a flop. I over-mixed and the cookies stayed really flat during baking. The second batch though.. adorable and delicious!

Carrot cake macarons

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I took some dried carrots and ground them up and put them in with the almond flour and powdered sugar- plus a tiny touch of cinnamon. For the filling, I made a simple cream cheese frosting with a dash of ginger. Voila! Carrot cake macarons.