A Plea To Mitch Landrieu (and a little bit of strategy)

by Courtney C Horne @FireezDragon

Please run for Governor.


I know right now you are trying to figure out if you can win because running if you can’t is unappealing. (And some polls do look like you have a healthy shot)

But I am pleading with you to run even if you don’t think winning is likely- for the sake of the Louisiana Democratic Party. The party in the state is a hopeless mess.  Running a viable candidate for governor (Sorry, John Bel Edwards, you aren’t viable) would give the party something to galvanize around and something to fund raise around. Even if you lose to Vitter, you would have done a lot to help restore the functioning in our state of a party which has been good to your family over the years.

Plus, losing to Vitter is far from being an inevitable conclusion. Where there is one prostitute, there are probably more. Maybe there are some since Vitter’s act of public contrition. Or maybe there are pictures out there.. The most important thing to do in a race against him is to hire yourself about twenty-five private investigators. The best part of this strategic effort? You don’t have to publish anything you find, you just have to tip off the right publication. Goodness knows Larry Flynt loves to publish that sort of thing and he is far from alone.

So please Mitch, Run. Run for your state and for your party.