Who Am I?

I tweet at @fireezdragon.

I write and tweet about politics, food, crafting, nerd culture, sociology, psychology, and a lot more.

I am a nerd, a crafter, an activist, a hippie, a foodie, and a news junkie.

For my blog I chose the title a “Nerd Girl’s Perspective” because in the end I see the world first through the eyes of a nerd and the eyes of a girl. I have always looked at the world through the eyes of a nerd. I practically popped out of the womb looking to learn as much as I possible could. I loved books as a child and still do. I am unabashedly and eternally a nerd. Second, I inescapably view the world through the eyes of my gender. We all do. To not recognize that our gender colors how we see and interact with our world would be foolish.

My perspective is added to beyond these core areas by my life experience. My psychology degree, my time volunteering on a crisis hotline, my work in progressive causes, all these effect how a view the world and how I will speak about it.

I believe in saying what I believe. I strive in my daily life and in my writing to “speak truth to power” as the expression goes.

Oh and my name is Courtney Horne.