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How International Women’s Day Led to Me Seeing Someone’s Internalized Patriarchy

A Russian coworker was expressing excitement that her friend was having a baby girl on International Women’s Day. Only she said “It is Women’s Day in Russia” not just it’s Womens Day, or its International Women’s Day. Another person and I pointed out that it’s women’s day everywhere and she asked why it wasn’t celebrated in the US then. It made me a bit sad that my whole interaction with the day had been online..

And then I mentioned that I had put up a link to a video about portrayals of women in video games to honor the day. Another woman started talking with me about it. She questioned the idea that there was anything wrong with the women are portrayed in video games. Defended the absurd nearly nude costumes of female fighters in games..

So I moved on to how the game industry treats women who work in it. (I will say that by this point she had called herself an anti feminist so I knew I was going to be unhappy) Talked about developers who reported being treated like secretaries etc. She said most women just weren’t good at video games/ being programmers.

At that point, I went to the wage gap in general.. That’s when it happened. She asserted that women make less than men because women aren’t generally as good as men.

I was floored. I focused on pointing out that even if you account for differences in career choices women make less and that literally women get paid less than men for doing the same work. I pointed out that math differences don’t hold up if you look at averages and not at just high scorers. (turns out guys have both more high and more low scorers based on recent studies whereas women’s scores are less extreme outliers) Eventually though, after she made some “women’s rights movement didn’t do any good” remark I told her I disagreed strongly, another woman chimed in with me, and I chose to leave the room because I couldn’t keep being polite at that point.

Part of me wanted to say that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other  women.

Instead, I took a deep breath  and tried to educate as much as I could.


A Life Long Romance with Crime Drama

When you give me a book that is essentially an episode of Law and Order in 417 page format, you have almost guaranteed I will stay up insanely late trying to finish it. After all, no one watches an episode of a crime drama in 20 different small chunks spread over a few days. You watch it all at once because you have to know the conclusion. For me a crime drama book is not so different, you read it as quickly as you can so you can find out who the bad guy is.

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Jugglefest 2013

This year I went with my family to Jugglefest in Austin. I don’t juggle but my sister and dad both do.

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My Review of the February 2013 Louisiana State Surplus Auction

I went to the state surplus auction. Basically, once a month on the second Saturday the state of Louisiana sells off everything they don’t need anymore that isn’t nailed down.

This could be almost anything. Gurneys.  A gymnastics beam. A crazy golf cart.  A jet ski.  Basketball goals.  A literal truckload of chairs. Bookshelves.  Musical Instruments.  Cameras.  And so on and so on. They were selling around 1000 lots the day I was there.

Stuff from state agencies, schools, hospitals, seized property, etc. A huge wide variety of things being sold.

It was quite the experience… Here is my review of it:

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Silk Spectre/ Sally Jupiter Costume Complete

This is the completed Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre costume at comic con.

Comic Con NOLA 2012

Comic Con NOLA 2012

To see more pictures from the New Orleans Comic Con, visit my flickr set.

To see more of the costume go here

To learn how I did the hair follow the links in this post. 

New Orleans Comic Con- Kevin Eastman

This is a video of Kevin Eastman sketching a ninja turtle and talking to me and my husband at the New Orleans Comic Con.

He was a wonderful nice person. He basically made Tony’s day.

Comic Con NOLA 2012


I got to my polling place around 6:05 am, right after it opened. People were there waiting for it to open. It took about 35 min to vote, a short wait in the scheme of things but surprising for 6 am.

I voted there in 2008 as well and I waited longer today. YAY! Voter turnout!

The poll workers were organized; the lines for different name letters were clear; they were working hard helping make sure a man who was registered in a different Louisiana city but couldn’t get there could still vote in the state and federal elections.

There were 150ish people in line when I left at 6:40 and somewhere in the 50-60 range had already voted.

Looks like there are 884 registered voters in my precinct as of the last election in April so if this morning is any indication we should have pretty high percent turn-out.

Also my precinct is super blue, 619 registered democrats, 61 republican, and 204 other or independent.

Costume Time

Me as Janis Joplin. I made the furry hat. I will be making another of the same style and posting a tutorial on how to do so sometime soon. (probably not until after the election)

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Business Card Order


I just ordered 500 of these.


Wading into it… (against my better judgement)

I turned off comments on my post about leaving law school because I don’t really care about people who think hazing is normal, that one should not complain ever, etc. I wrote about what I felt like was a toxic, soul crushing environment. People did not question my account of what happened. Rather they were insulting me for being bothered by being singled out.

Instead of try to reply to each comment, which I would have felt compelled to do, I just turned them off. I did not want to have to address how someone saying “It’s just hazing” is exactly part of the problem I described. I did not want to go through all my points again because people can not read and thought I was complaining about having to work hard.

Someone resorted to trying to post on my “Who am I?” page instead. All my comments are set up to require prescreening so I got it in an email. I am not putting it through as a comment because I don’t want it on my personal info page. Instead I am going to post it in this entry along with my itemized response to it. The person who wrote it (I can not verify that it was written by North, it could be an impostor)  clearly did not understand my problem at all. The numbers in parenthesis are added so I can easily reference pieces of it in my reply.

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Why I Left Law School

I decided recently to leave law school before I put more time and money into it.

Simply put, I hated law school.

Things are never that simple to explain though and I have explained why I would walk away from a generous scholarship after only six weeks more times than I can count. I have used the phrase “soul crushing” and “wrong environment” and “made me miserable.” However, none of those phrases really captures what it was about law school that made me walk away. I think I am ready to capture the reason, well reasons really, that I made the decision I made. And it has basically nothing to do with academics.

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Rat Pictures

Pictures of my adorable sweet little rat buddies

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