Favorite Pieces

Things that I have written that I really like the most. If you want to read some of my work, these pieces wouldn’t be a bad place to start. There are presented roughly in order from oldest to newest.

Why I Left Law School 

Who Really Wins in Debates?

Complicit in the Patriarchy 

Did the GOP Lose in 2012 by Winning in the States in 2010? 

How to Make Louisiana Swing

The “Noob” Problem in Nerd Culture

Dirty Hippie and F**ing Hipster are Totally the Same Insult (this has a follow-up)

My 100 Year Politics Theory

The 24th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act

Internalized Patriarchy

Spring Breakers- Dry Humping the Corpse of the American Dream

Is the GOP Actually Trying?? 

School Dress Codes – Policing Girls to “Protect” Boys

About “Pretty Privilege” & Just How Messy of an Idea It Can Be

Disenfranchisement in the Digital Age

A Remark on Constitutional Phrasing – and the second amendment

Do I Look Suspicious? (Time to talk about privilege)

Geek Girl Issues

My 50 Year Political Theory

Gun Bills in Louisiana

Did Erdogan’s Police Force in Turkey Violate International Medical Neutrality Laws?