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Did the GOP Winning in the States in 2010 Lose Romney the Election?

In 2010 the GOP swept state legislatures and went wild.

Let’s look at four states where the GOP did things that made people very, very angry.


In Virginia, they passed a law requiring mandatory ultrasounds for any woman seeking an abortion. Even if she was a rape victim. It made Governor Bob McDonald into governor ultrasound and cost him his chance to be the VP pick. It also made women all over Virginia very angry and afraid for their freedoms.

Virginia is a swing state and it certainly can’t hurt the Obama campaign’s chances there for the state to be full of women who don’t trust the GOP one bit.


In Michigan, the GOP in the state pushed through a harsh emergency manager law. It essentially allows the state to dissolve local governments and replace them with an all powerful dictator. The law is leaving many people with no local representative that the voted for and is disproportionately effecting minorities.  It’s repeal is on the ballot on election day. 

The turn out to repeal a law that takes away your local government and gives you a dictator who can dissolve your town’s very existence will surely be enormous and favor the president’s re-election efforts.


In Wisconsin, Scott Walker made a bid to strip collective bargaining rights from all state workers. There was outrage and protests in the state capital for weeks. Democrat state legislatures fled the state to delay the vote. The law was ultimately stopped.

While the effort to get rid of Walker as well was unsuccessful, (Partially I believe because Feingold didn’t throw his hat into the race) there is a lot of ground structure and labor organization there that benefits Obama.


In Ohio, they passed a law stripping labor rights. There was a huge fight back and it made the ballot through a signature campaign and by a 22 point margin worker’s rights were restored. Obama’s campaign staff was on the ground for the fight and it helped them to establish an astounding ground game in the all important state.


What’s on My Ballot? Part Two

Moving on down my ballot

Associate Justice
Supreme Court, 5th Supreme Court District
John Michael Guidry #24 Democrat
Toni Manning Higginbotham #25 Republican
Jeff Hughes #26 Republican
Timothy E. “Tim” Kelley #27 Republican
William “Bill” Morvant #28 Republican
Mary Olive Pierson #29 Democrat
Jeffry Lamonte Sanford #30 No Party
Jewel E. “Duke” Welch #31 Republican


The paper has two articles, here and here, on the wide field of candidates in this race.

Guidry has his own website, as does Higginbotham, Hughes, Morvant, and Welch

Sanford has what appears to be a 1999 geocities site.. 

On searching Kelley, I didn’t find a website for his campaign but I did find a blurb on votesmart (mostly empty), a very brief entry on Judgepedia, an old interview, and a blog entry complaining about him. 

Pierson has a public facebook page but seems to lack a webpage. There isn’t a ton of information on her page either..

All together the candidates in the race have a reasonable amount of information available but with eight of them in the running I expect some people to find the decision overwhelming and make a snap judgement.

For justices, it is especially hard because their websites tend to be vague about their opinions on a wide range of issues saying that their personal positions are irrelevant to the letter of the law. We all know from watching Scalia that that’s pretty far from the truth.

Judge, Court of Appeal
1st Circuit, 2nd Dist., Subdist. 1, Div. B
Gideon T. Carter, III #36 Democrat
“Mike” McDonald #37 Republican
Trudy M. White #38 Republican

Carter has a website. 

McDonald, as the incumbent, has his own website of course. 

The incumbent seems to have a challenger within his own party from White. It appears from her facebook page to be a challenge based in state worker issues and teacher issues.

Metro Council, City of Baton Rouge
Melvin “Kip” Holden #51 Democrat
Gordon Mese #52 No Party
“Steve” Myers #53 No Party
J. Michael “Mike” Walker, Sr. #54 Republican

Holden,  Myers, and Walker  all have websites.


Mese has a facebook page on which he types in caps a lot. There are a lot of very, very dramatic statements on it.

Myers also has a lot of facebook polls which have been showing up in the ad section of my facebook.

There is quite a bit of info out there in the mayor’s race and I think it is one of the easiest local races to be in the know about as far as effort involved by the individual.

Coming up in the next part? The metro council race, which is where the lack of information in local races starts…


What’s on My Ballot? Part One

What’s on my ballot? This is the first in a multi-part series on what is on my ballot here in Baton Rouge.

I want to look at the lack of information on local candidates and lack of clarity in wording of ballot measures. In order to do so I will be going through my ballot line by line over the time leading up to the election.

Presidential Electors
Barack Obama, Joe Biden Democratic Democrat
Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala Green Green
Gary Johnson, James P. Gray Libertarian Libertarian
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Republican Republican
Virgil Goode, James Clymer Constitution Other
Ross Anderson, Luis Rodriguez Justice Other
Jack Fellure, Toby Davis Prohibition Other
Peta Lindsay, Yari Osorio Socialism and Liberation Other
Jerry White, Phyllis Scherrer Socialist Equality Other
James Harris, Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers Other
Sheila Tittle, Matthew Turner We The People Other

This is the list of presidential candidates that made it on to the Louisiana ballot. I don’t think I need to look at information available on each but I think it’s nice to document who made the ballot in our state since obviously this varies from state to state.

U. S. Representative
6th Congressional District
William “Bill” Cassidy #21 Republican
Rufus Holt Craig, Jr. #22 Libertarian
Richard “RPT” Torregano #23 No Party

Cassidy is an incumbent so he obviously has his own website. 

Rufus Craig has a website for his campaign as well.  Though I can’t help but think with all the young people the libertarians have attracted that he should maybe have been able to find a better web designer.

Torregano has a website that looks like maybe a drunk third grader made it and while it says “no party” here he is clearly a tea party candidate.   Update (10/29): I think either his website has been modified or I misread something because I can not re-find the tea party style language about taxes. Still is a very confusing site.

Unfortunately the selection leaves me without anyone decent to vote for.

Bill Cassidy will probably win and judging by his record  continue to introduce bills pertaining to suspending the duty on a wide range of chemicals.

Biden’s Not Stupid – Pre-Debate Thoughts

Biden is not an idiot.

Sure, he says stupid gaffes some times but that proves nothing about his intelligence. We all say stupid things sometimes. The difference is most of us don’t have a slew of cameras following around. Making mistakes is a part of being human and a trait that other politicians work elaborately to hide.

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Live-ish Blogging the Presidential Debate

I will be live-ish blogging the presidential debate right here. I say live-ish not live because I couldn’t find a widget to work with my blog quite the way I wanted and wordpress limits embedding quite a bit so it will be live-ish in that I will be just working from the post edit screen and updating from there frequently. As a result to see changes it will be necessary to refresh the page.

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