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Louisiana District 5 State Supreme Court Election- Hughes v Guidry

On Saturday December 8th, voters in an eight parish district will be choosing a new state supreme court justice. The new justice will be replacing Democrat Kitty Kimball. 

There was a very broad primary field and for the run-off it is down to Jeff Hughes and John Michael Guidry.

Republican Jeff Hughes has a lot more money in his official campaign funds, $289k versus Guidry’s $94k. He also has the endorsement of Jindal. Hughes also has massive financial support from the “Citizens for Clean Water and Land PAC.” The PAC just came into existence and Hughes is the only candidate it has supported suggesting it is likely it exists primarily for the purpose of supporting him. If Guidry wins, he will be overcoming the always difficult cash gap.

And I hope he wins. Not just to keep “pro-life, pro-gun, pro-traditional marriage” Hughes from inflicting anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-reasonable gun regulation politics on to the court, but also because of a specific case.

In matters pertaining to the state constitution, the state supreme court is the final word.  Recently a judge ruled Jindal’s education “reforms” to be in violation of the state constitution. 

This is a huge victory for people who don’t want to see public education gutted to funnel money into voucher schools that teach dinosaurs and humans lived together, slave masters were really nice, the kkk did good stuff, the great depression was no big deal, and abstract math is an affront to God. It is also a huge blow to Jindal’s obvious fantasy of running for president in 2016.

It is not over though and I suspect the case will make its way up to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Jindal endorsed Hughes. I don’t want him hearing this case which makes Guidry’s election so very important.

Update: Read more here


Congressman Believes Earth is Only 9000 Years Old

Paul Broun, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, spoke out in a very anti-science way. And there is video.

It is really disturbing to me that someone who really believes that our world is less than ten thousand years old is a member of congress. To believe that requires you to discount almost all science. You would have to consider carbon dating some grand fraud. It is beyond me how a person can believe something that flies in the face of all science. It is possible to reconcile one’s faith with science. Simply put, if you believe in an all powerful deity then why is it hard to imagine he could have acted in a mysterious way that the people who wrote the bible were only able to describe with metaphors.

Sadly thanks to Louisiana’s new voucher system for schools which allows money to be taken out of the public schools to pay for private schooling that has little to no standards, we will undoubtedly be seeing more and more of this type of thing in the future.