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What’s on my Ballot? December 8th Edition.

On Saturday, December 8th, we have an election in Louisiana. Being a month after the presidential election it is likely that the turn-out will be very very low. My ballot has three races on it, all judges.

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2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map

This is the map Maddow started with when she was illustrating on her show how there could be an electoral college tie.

It works from a point of nine swing states.

via 2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map.

It makes for an interesting game to move around the swing states to see what different things could happen.

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What’s on My Ballot? Part One

What’s on my ballot? This is the first in a multi-part series on what is on my ballot here in Baton Rouge.

I want to look at the lack of information on local candidates and lack of clarity in wording of ballot measures. In order to do so I will be going through my ballot line by line over the time leading up to the election.

Presidential Electors
Barack Obama, Joe Biden Democratic Democrat
Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala Green Green
Gary Johnson, James P. Gray Libertarian Libertarian
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Republican Republican
Virgil Goode, James Clymer Constitution Other
Ross Anderson, Luis Rodriguez Justice Other
Jack Fellure, Toby Davis Prohibition Other
Peta Lindsay, Yari Osorio Socialism and Liberation Other
Jerry White, Phyllis Scherrer Socialist Equality Other
James Harris, Alyson Kennedy Socialist Workers Other
Sheila Tittle, Matthew Turner We The People Other

This is the list of presidential candidates that made it on to the Louisiana ballot. I don’t think I need to look at information available on each but I think it’s nice to document who made the ballot in our state since obviously this varies from state to state.

U. S. Representative
6th Congressional District
William “Bill” Cassidy #21 Republican
Rufus Holt Craig, Jr. #22 Libertarian
Richard “RPT” Torregano #23 No Party

Cassidy is an incumbent so he obviously has his own website. 

Rufus Craig has a website for his campaign as well.  Though I can’t help but think with all the young people the libertarians have attracted that he should maybe have been able to find a better web designer.

Torregano has a website that looks like maybe a drunk third grader made it and while it says “no party” here he is clearly a tea party candidate.   Update (10/29): I think either his website has been modified or I misread something because I can not re-find the tea party style language about taxes. Still is a very confusing site.

Unfortunately the selection leaves me without anyone decent to vote for.

Bill Cassidy will probably win and judging by his record  continue to introduce bills pertaining to suspending the duty on a wide range of chemicals.

The Internet Works Quick

A friend set up these sites.

Syria is Iran’s Path to the Sea

Syria is Iran’s Route to the Sea

If you see a map with tiny tanks and arrows, I made it to help out.

Mitt is a walking talking meme generator.

The Debates- Who Really Wins

There is this smile Obama sometimes does. It is a smile that makes me suspect that somewhere Axelrod is jumping up and down excited. I saw that smile a couple times when Romney was speaking last night. A few of the times, it was because Obama was about to come back to something Romney shouldn’t have just said. Other times the reason wasn’t apparent.

Today I think I may understand that reason a little better.

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Live-ish Blogging the Presidential Debate

I will be live-ish blogging the presidential debate right here. I say live-ish not live because I couldn’t find a widget to work with my blog quite the way I wanted and wordpress limits embedding quite a bit so it will be live-ish in that I will be just working from the post edit screen and updating from there frequently. As a result to see changes it will be necessary to refresh the page.

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