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Pelican House- Come Here for Beer, Maybe Try the Fries, Skip the Sandwiches

I tried out Pelican House recently. I had heard good things about the food and so we decided to stop in for a quick lunch a few days ago.

Josh tried one of their roughly 250 beers (around 140 on tap and 120 in bottles) and was very pleased. They really have an impressive selection of beers of all categories. If you are looking for an interesting beer in Baton Rouge, I would recommend going by there. The layout is great, they are constructing a porch, and they have more beers than you could imagine trying.

The food on the other hand… I really wanted to love it.. But the execution was sorely lacking.

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L’auberge Bon Temps Buffet- Trying to Eat at Least $30 in Crab

We went to the L’auberge casino recently because it was my friend’s birthday and he is fond of blackjack.

Our plan had been to go to either the fancy steakhouse or the sports bar. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and the wait at both of those places when we were ready to eat was longer than we felt like dealing with.

So to the buffet!

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Tommy’s Fish House: No Shame in Being a Close Second to a Legend

If you live in Baton Rouge, you probably already know that the best boiled crawfish in town is at Sammy’s. If you didn’t know,  kindly pretend you still don’t.  The crowds there don’t need to get worse.  There is really only a short window most days there that you can eat crawfish without a considerable wait.  (And I am certainly not telling you what time that is.) If I am eating crawfish any other time, I head to Tommy’s Fish House.
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Dream Berrie Cafe- Pho is the Best Comfort Food

Dream Berrie Cafe is an unusual looking place. Part frozen yogurt shop and part Vietnamese food restaurant, it straddles an unusual set of food. The very cold yogurt  is served up -or rather self served, build your own cup style- across the room from the very hot soup.

I can’t comment on the yogurt because I haven’t tried theirs yet. I over frozen-yogurted myself in an attempt to try all the places in town at one point and haven’t been able to get back into it since.

I come here strictly for the Vietnamese food side of things. I have gotten food from here many times, always to go, and never having bothered to call ahead and it is always fast enough that I don’t regret not calling and waiting in the store.

They have dumpling appetizers that I have enjoyed very much, but the real star of this place is the pho.

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Mr Taco- Oh, Goodness, Now I Must Learn to Make Pupusa

I have visited the Mr Taco on Airline Highway twice now. It is quickly creeping it’s way into my regular food choice options and would be moving up my list faster if it was open slightly later. (They close at 8 pm most days and I commonly eat dinner between 8 and 9)

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Flour is a Wonderful Thing

Recently I have been baking bread more often and I made some flour tortillas from scratch. 

Flour certainly isn’t the only key to either of these. Without the yeast, the bread wouldn’t be very bread like at all and without the lard the tortillas wouldn’t exist either. But the two, along with countless other foods, are brought together with the common ingredient of flour.

It’s a pretty amazing ingredient that is easy to take for granted. When you look at a tomato, there is a link to the plant it came from. When you look at the white powder in your mixing bowl before you bake, there is not a strong relationship with a wheat plant in your mind. 

I think since flour is such a big part of how we eat perhaps schools and community projects that grow gardens to help children connect to food should introduce some wheat. It would not necessarily be feasible to grow a useful amount of wheat in the small spaces available but a little grouping of plants could provide a valuable way for young people to connect the cookies they eat to the dirt they came out of. 

Cooking Past Midnight

Around 6 pm I put some pork, seasoning, apple juice, garlic,  worcestershire, pickle juice, and ketchup in the slow cooker before I went out to an open mic night.

*note to white libertarian suburban boys trying to rap- you don’t sound cooler when you say misogynistic shit*

Around 1 am I pulled the pork out of the slow cooker, and used the liquid to start my sauce.

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Voodoo Barbecue Review

It’s a bit of a challenge to talk about a restaurant I have eaten at so many times. It isn’t like reviewing a place you have eaten at once. There is more to talk about and more dishes to cover.

That said – Voodoo is my favorite choice for bbq in Baton Rouge and they could use more reviews on Urbanspoon, so here goes.

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Courtneys Teaching Courtneys- Braised Beef (plus cookies)

Tonight was our third class in which this Courtney teaches another Courtney to cook! (Plus game night- see my Carcassonne related short post)

For today, we cooked braised beef in red wine with veggies and rice. We also made chocolate chip cookies. Details (and pictures) follow.

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Pork with Pear Chutney

On Tuesdays, I am teaching a friend (who is also named Courtney) to cook. We just had our second session. At our first session we made a quiche with broccoli, sharp cheddar, and ham as well as a salad with mixed baby greens, black pepper goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts, hearts of palm, and a homemade herb cane vinegar dressing. It was a pretty quick meal. We did use a pre-made pie crust- which helped it come together without too much fuss.

Tonight we made a more time consuming meal. We started prep work just after 5 and didn’t eat until 8. There was downtime in there but it was quite the project.

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NEW Doritos Locos Cool Ranch Taco!

So I just tried the new Cool Ranch Doritos Taco from Taco bell. Or rather the version of it I would eat. Cool Ranch Taco Supreme (this is key, sour cream is important for the crunchy taco) sub beans for the ground meat.

It was pretty good. The cool ranch was less pronounced than the nacho cheese version but certainly distinguishable from an ordinary crunchy taco shell. I love ranch flavor so I was pretty happy with it. I haven’t eaten a ton of ranch doritos so I am not sure exactly how close it is but it was pretty ranch-y. One note, like the nacho cheese version, the shell of this taco seems more brittle than a typical hard taco shell make it a challenge to not have it splinter and fall apart a bit on eating. I can take a bit of messiness with a taco though.

Next time I think I will have them add guacamole because I think it would go well with the flavor. Another possibility would be to get it with the baja sauce which I think would also go well with the shell.

If you weren’t already aware, Taco bell will sub beans for meat on basically any item, generally without an extra charge. Guacamole and baja sauce cost extra but they are available as add ons for almost anything as well. Sometimes I add sour cream to the bean burritos! They offer a lot of flexibility for their menu items if you ask. I don’t eat ground meat from fast food places (thanks to a horrifying book called fast food nation) and their willingness to sub beans on to everything has made life a lot easier when I am in a hurry.

Fried Biscuit Balls with Sweet Sauce

I love canned biscuit dough. Not the fancy flaky stuff or the pre-buttered type or those giant mega biscuits. Just simple small buttermilk biscuits. 10 to a can. Sold with 4 cans together.

That stuff is one of the best things to have on hand in the fridge. There are a ton of different things you can turn it into. Plus if you keep eggs on hand it means you can have eggs and biscuits at any moment. I use it for spontaneous egg desires too. But even more so I use it to transform it into other things. Cheese biscuits, tiny donuts, mini pizza things, stuff it with jam, stuff bacon into it… there are a lot of options. Today I am sharing my recipe for one of them.

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Mascarpone Shortbread Cookies With Fruit and/or Chocolate

I made a new type of shortbread cookie tonight involving mascarpone. Well actually two variations. They turned out tasty but the texture was different than the orange chamomile shortbread cookies.  Crispier and chewier. Less crumbly. Not bad different but the texture change was notable. Recipe and photo follows.

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On Top of Shortbread

My orange chamomile shortbread cookies taste even better with a topping. I ate some with marscarpone and lemon curd on the tops of them and it was amazing. 

Orange Chamomile Shortbread Cookies

Our Whole Foods recently added a cookie bar. They have some delicious shortbread cookies in a wide range of varieties. Problem is that they are $9.99 a pound. Which means the 5 cookies I got cost 2.60ish.

It made me realize I needed to learn to make shortbread cookies. I looked at a bunch of recipes online and came across this one. Lemon rosemary shortbread cookies. Pretty simple recipe, easy to follow. I decided to change it up some though and made it into Orange Chamomile Shortbread Cookies instead.

Here is the recipe after I changed it.

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