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A Revision on a Theory

I have commonly spoken about my 100 year theory in American politics.  In a nutshell, the GOP commits a slow political suicide, the democrats drift further to the right, and something new emerges to the left.

Well I have a revision. I think now I may call this my 50 year theory- in light of recent events.

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Is the GOP even really trying to win?

I was watching the footage of Rand Paul bombing at Howard University. It was a terrible speech conceptually. To get up on stage and assert that African Americans would vote Republican if they knew history better is both condescending and ridiculous. It ignores history from the last 50 years. It ignores the GOP southern strategy. To say, well we had the first black congressman during reconstruction- you should ignore all the racist ads and campaign strategies we produced in the last 50 years- well that is just idiotic. It isn’t fooling anyone. And his visit was the GOP’s insane effort to reach minority voters. They sent a guy who is famous for expressing a negative view of the civil rights act to speak at a historically black university!

Between that and GOP politicians using the term “wetback,” while the party claims to be engaged in Hispanic outreach, I am left wondering, is the GOP really even trying?

If you were trying to win elections outside the red gerrymandered states you control, would you propose personhood laws that would make some oral contraceptives a crime?

If you really cared about winning, would you block universal background checks for firearms? That’s a policy that 90% of Americans like- hardly anything polls that high. I doubt ice cream even polls that high.

If you wanted to win presidential elections, would you punish popular politicians who are willing to work with the other side? They didn’t invite Chris Christie to CPAC for daring to work closely with the President to deal with the natural disaster that devastated his state.

Is this the behavior of a group that really wants to win elections? I am not sure is.

What would be their goal if it isn’t to win elections?


A lot of people make a lot of money off political campaigns. A WHOLE LOT of money.

And Sheldon Adelson proves that you can make a lot of money without winning. He threw a tremendous amount of cash at Newt’s obviously sinking ship in the primary. You don’t have to have a prayer’s chance of winning to get money thrown at you.

And in fact, winning may not get you more money but rather less. Fear of those scary scary liberals who might (but probably won’t) raise capital gains taxes can pull a lot of money out of the kind of people who can afford to make 10 million dollar donations. Plus that money goes to the ill-monitored PACs rather than actual campaigns. And PACs can make people running them very rich.

That fear subsides when the GOP wins. There could easily be more money in losing. I mean, otherwise, why would the GOP have run Mitt Romney?

I am starting to think..

that I was correct when I theorized Chris Christie would leave the republican party. 

He wasn’t invited to CPAC which is like the GOP prom.

And he is accepting the medicare expansion from the affordable care act.  Which is a lot like buying a billboard saying he knows he isn’t going to be the republican 2016 presidential nominee.

Now, will he go into independent land or just flip all the way. My money is on independent if he plans to be a talking tv head and a complete flip if he wants to stay in public office.

The GOP has made it clear he isn’t party of their cool kid CPAC crowd. Just a matter of time before he ditches them back.

Will Chris Christie Leave the GOP?

I think at this point Christie knows he can’t go through the GOP’s nominating process for president. I mean he said Obama did a good job with Sandy. Plus he isn’t nearly pure enough on social conservatism issues. (Basically he doesn’t hate gays loudly)

So what else is there for him after he is done being governor if he can’t get nominated as the GOP’s presidential candidate?

The Senate. He could be a senator. Thing is, in New Jersey, he may be stronger running as a Dem than in the GOP. Plus he has already screamed at the republicans in congress over Sandy so there is a pretty strong rift forming.

So might Christie ditch the party that he is drifting away from and which left his state high and dry during their disaster? It might be a strong choice for him since he is more favorably viewed by Democrats and Independents than by Republicans. 

Violence Against Women Act Expires Because of House GOP

The violence against women act that provides resources for women who are victims of domestic abuse, rape, etc has expired. It happened because the Senate (with bipartisan support) wanted to make sure it protected undocumented women, native american women living on reservations, and lgbt women. The GOP in the house thought that ensuring those women were protected was unacceptable.

Republicans, if you don’t want people to say you have a war on women maybe it would be advisable to pass the violence against women act even if it protects women who you think are icky. Because guess what, lesbian women do experience domestic violence too and they deserve the protections a heterosexual woman would get. And undocumented women shouldn’t be afraid to report if they are raped. And taking away some measure of security from all women cause you don’t like those groups? Well that is a war on women if I ever saw one.

How to Turn Louisiana into a Swing State

Louisiana? A Swing State?

The state went for Clinton both times. It isn’t just because Arkansas is Louisiana’s ridiculous white trucker hat. Louisiana has a rich history of populism which I think Clinton tapped into. The state can be a swing state. It would take work and organization but it can happen.

Where do you start? With the turn-out. The turn out is pathetic and generally high turn out is better for the democrats and worse for the GOP.

The demographics seem to suggest that a high turn out and a good ground game could make it into a swing state. According to the 2010 US census, the population of Louisiana was White – 62.6% (60.3% non-Hispanic white), Black or African American – 32.0%, Hispanic or Latino (of any race) – 4.2%, Asian – 1.5% (0.6% Vietnamese, 0.2% Chinese, 0.2% Indian, 0.1% Korean, 0.1% Filipino), Native American – 0.7%, and Two or more races – 1.6%.

African American 32%, Hispanic -4.2%… Those groups both lean strongly to the democratic party.

They are also groups that tend to have a low turnout. If the democratic party could fix that turnout problem? They could start gaining traction in the state.

The first step to fixing this problem is to increase early voting days and hours. More early voting means more turnout. Particularly to increase black turn out it would help a lot if there was early voting on the Sunday before election day. Do that and then work closely with the black churches to “bring souls to the polls.”

Once you have a turn-out boost and more traction, you need to address felon disenfranchisement as this disproportionately effects black males in our state. For the same crime, a black guy is more likely to be charged with a felony that a white guy. Making it where they can vote soon after finishing serving time in prison would help reduce the amount of the black population that has been disenfranchised by our school to prison pipeline and “war on drugs.” Felon disenfranchisement is no accident, the GOP uses it to help disenfranchise minority voters.

We also need to address voter ID requirements which are another way the GOP in our state has disenfranchised minorities.

Neither of those two disenfranchisement issues can be addressed without some initial traction which has to come about through a strong ground game and a push for higher turn-out which would be greatly helped by extended early voting.

Once you have a strong minority voting base, you can start to strengthen and broaden your coalition to turn Louisiana blue.

My next step? Getting rid of right to work. Loudly use the phrase “right to work for less with no benefits.”  Aggressively campaign to bring the unions back to our blue collar state. A strong union presence combined with a minority base would make the state into a powerful coalition for the democratic party.

A bonus step? Reform the laws effecting our state workers able to participate in politics.  Currently we have the most restrictive limits for state workers in any state. The state workers are likely to lean a little blue since the GOP likes to demonize government workers. As a result reducing and reforming those restrictions on worker’s speech is likely to be good for the democratic party.

This would all cost money and time, but I think there is a route to blue or swing status in Louisiana’s future.

Congressman Believes Earth is Only 9000 Years Old

Paul Broun, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, spoke out in a very anti-science way. And there is video.

It is really disturbing to me that someone who really believes that our world is less than ten thousand years old is a member of congress. To believe that requires you to discount almost all science. You would have to consider carbon dating some grand fraud. It is beyond me how a person can believe something that flies in the face of all science. It is possible to reconcile one’s faith with science. Simply put, if you believe in an all powerful deity then why is it hard to imagine he could have acted in a mysterious way that the people who wrote the bible were only able to describe with metaphors.

Sadly thanks to Louisiana’s new voucher system for schools which allows money to be taken out of the public schools to pay for private schooling that has little to no standards, we will undoubtedly be seeing more and more of this type of thing in the future.