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Spider Pumpkins! Cute Yet Creepy Halloween DIY

Recently I got a group of decorative mini pumpkin/ squashes in my weekly produce box.  I knew I wanted to use them as part of my plan to decorate our porch for Halloween but at first I wasn’t sure what to do other than stick them in a basket.

We were planning a spider theme for the porch and suddenly it hit me- why not make spiders out of the tiny pumpkins?

Spider Pumpkins!

Details on how to reproduce the look follow..

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Universal Halloween Horror Nights Vs. The 13th Gate- Haunted Review Showdown

Recently we took a trip to Orlando. We decided to try out the Halloween event at Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights. Then, tonight we checked out Baton Rouge’s own 13th Gate. I was absolutely stunned at how much our own local haunted attraction blew Universal out of the water- so I decided to do a side by side review.

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Costume Time

Me as Janis Joplin. I made the furry hat. I will be making another of the same style and posting a tutorial on how to do so sometime soon. (probably not until after the election)

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