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Adventures in Dollar Store Makeup- Episode One

I have a lot of makeup from cheap places. I love discount bins and dollar stores and the like. In fact, I have picked up great eye-shadow in dollar stores. One of my favorite products, a loose gold shimmer from LA color, I generally buy at dollar tree.

Recently, the dollar tree near me got a whole new crop of eye shadow products and I decided I would pick some of them up and test them out.

Dollar Store Haul

(In addition, I grabbed some nail files I needed because I am always losing files and some clear lip gloss)

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My 4th of July Look

4th of July look

For July 4th, I decided to do a classic pin-up look circa 1940’s.

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My First Glossybox – May 2013 Review

I signed up towards the end of April for Glossybox.

That meant my first box was the May one which I got towards the end of May.

All in all, I am very glad I subscribed but I wish that the survey’s would show availability for me on the website so I can hopefully nudge my further boxes towards make-up and away from skin care products..


My first box!

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My Second Make-up Video- Soft Warm Earth Tones

I decided to make a second video in which I feature some softer eye makeup.



Pale Skin Contouring Makeup Tutorial (BONUS! Super Cheap Products)

I have been contouring my makeup and I am a master of cheap products. The bulk of what I use in this video is from the dollar store or drug store.

The two notable exceptions are a nyx cosmetics gel eye-liner and a contour palette off amazon (which was still cheap-just not dollar store cheap).

My brushes were kinda pricey but they were still from a drug store, just the priciest ones there.