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Sexism in Strange Places

I play a lot of nerdy board games. Recently we have been playing Carcassonne- it is a map building game where one gets points for completing roads or cities. 

I decided to pick up the expansion “Mage and Witch” for it. The package has a male mage and female witch on it. The game dynamic introduced causes the mage to double the value of a completed road or city while the witch halves it. 

It’s a little thing, but I noticed it and so did my friends. 

I recently read an article suggesting the lack of female magicians has to do with creepy/scary portrayals of female witches. (and maybe even the history of burning women for “witchcraft”) Then I see that in this game female magic workers are a bad thing while male ones are a good one. 

Carcassonne is a great game – takes a lot of thinking and strategy. I don’t think they are sexist. Rather I think they are reflecting a sexist social trope of bad female witches and good male mages. 


Complicit In The Patriarchy

Complicit In The Patriarchy

When Pretty Women Act Stupid & When Smart Women Make Themselves Ugly

I have a friend who is the picture of “pretty”-conventionally attractive. She has the blonde hair, tan skin, the barbie doll figure, always 100% put together and polished. I sometimes wonder if she pops out of bed every hair in place and fake eyelashes already applied. She is also very smart but many people she meets don’t get to see that. She plays dumb, ditsy and dense.

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