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Warren 2016?

Elizabeth Warren’s victory speech cemented my cry of “Warren 2016.” I have been hoping for months that she would win the senate race because I look at her and I see a potential president. I see a brilliant woman and brilliance is so often lacking in our politics.

The video is worth watching but if you want to read the transcript it’s available. 

She owns the made up you didn’t build that scandal that came from Obama paraphrasing her you didn’t get rich on your own sentiments. She says “An amazing campaign. And let me be clear: I didn’t build that. You built that!” She embraces in it a way that disarms it. She says with that essentially -yeah I said they didn’t get rich by themselves, because we all do things with the support of others.

And she thanked a lot of people while committing to work hard for the people who worked hard for her.

“And to our Congressional delegation, to all of our mayors and legislators, council members and sheriffs, to the nurses, to the firefighters, to the teachers, to the janitors, to the carpenters, to laborers, to the men and women of the building trade, and to all of our brothers and sisters in the labor movement, to the LGBT community, to the women’s groups, to the environmental groups, to the ministers – I’m so grateful, to the credit unions, to the more than 700 small businesses supporting us, to the student organizers, to the Democratic committee, all of you – all of you – have had my back, and I promise you I’ll have your back.”

Brothers and sisters in the labor movement. Women’s groups. LGBT. Environmentalists  She has acknowledged and committed to fight for the groups that fight for democratic presidential nominees. Assuming she keeps her promise to fight for them, I think they will be ready to fight hard for her in 2016. I think they will be ready to knock on doors and call people and give time and energy to a campaign for her. And crucial to beating the GOP’s superior cash from the billionaires she wants to pay their fair share? That energy. That people power that she has the potential to turn out.

She closed by committing to serve in the image of Ted Kennedy. She said  “50 years ago, he said that he would dedicate all his strength and will to serve you in the United States Senate. For 47 years, he lived up to that promise. Tonight, I pledge to do the same.”

Maybe she will serve a lifetime in the senate like Teddie. Or maybe she will be our first female president.



2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map

This is the map Maddow started with when she was illustrating on her show how there could be an electoral college tie.

It works from a point of nine swing states.

via 2012 Presidential Election: Electoral Map.

It makes for an interesting game to move around the swing states to see what different things could happen.

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