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Cooking Past Midnight

Around 6 pm I put some pork, seasoning, apple juice, garlic,  worcestershire, pickle juice, and ketchup in the slow cooker before I went out to an open mic night.

*note to white libertarian suburban boys trying to rap- you don’t sound cooler when you say misogynistic shit*

Around 1 am I pulled the pork out of the slow cooker, and used the liquid to start my sauce.

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Pork with Pear Chutney

On Tuesdays, I am teaching a friend (who is also named Courtney) to cook. We just had our second session. At our first session we made a quiche with broccoli, sharp cheddar, and ham as well as a salad with mixed baby greens, black pepper goat cheese, strawberries, walnuts, hearts of palm, and a homemade herb cane vinegar dressing. It was a pretty quick meal. We did use a pre-made pie crust- which helped it come together without too much fuss.

Tonight we made a more time consuming meal. We started prep work just after 5 and didn’t eat until 8. There was downtime in there but it was quite the project.

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On Top of Shortbread

My orange chamomile shortbread cookies taste even better with a topping. I ate some with marscarpone and lemon curd on the tops of them and it was amazing.