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Universal Halloween Horror Nights Vs. The 13th Gate- Haunted Review Showdown

Recently we took a trip to Orlando. We decided to try out the Halloween event at Universal Studios: Halloween Horror Nights. Then, tonight we checked out Baton Rouge’s own 13th Gate. I was absolutely stunned at how much our own local haunted attraction blew Universal out of the water- so I decided to do a side by side review.

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August 2013 Love With Food- Backyard BBQ Review

The August Love with Food box was themed to “Backyard BBQ.” Some of it connected with the theme but it was not that cohesive as a theme.

Love with Food always manages to put an amazing number of things into a pretty small box and they include a very detailed info card.
August Love with Food
Overall I liked most of the box but there were a couple misses in there.
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Geek Chic Cosmetics- Lipstick Review

I recently ordered two “joysticks” (lipsticks) from Geek Chic Cosmetics. 

I went to the site planning to order “Back to the Fuchsia” because I was looking for something in a super bright fuchsia and it was recommended to me.

Once I was there, the name “toxic unicorn” captured me and I bought a green lipstick too. I have a bit of a unicorn obsession.. (I own over 100 unicorn things- statues etc- from a lifetime of collecting them) Plus I keep reading beauty articles about insane lipstick colors and kinda thinking “ooooh I want” as I look at women wearing bright green or blue lips.

More (including pics) following the cut.

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July 2013: Taste of Japan- Tasting Bar from Jungle Stand Review

This is my second Tasting Bar. Like last month, this month follows a theme of the foods being from an Asian nation.  This month’s box comes from Japan flavor wise.

The Tasting Bars always have 6 tastes and I find that each one is enough for 2 or 3 people to get to try the item. I wasn’t completely blown away by any one taste like I was last month but the box also did not have repulsive dried squid- which is a plus.

Tastes of Japan

Details on each taste follow the cut.

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Bin 77- A Baton Rouge Restaurant Week Visit

Baton Rouge has an event called Restaurant Week. During it, a lot of places in town offer fixed three course menus. It is a pretty cool event. Unfortunately, this year I knew I would only have a chance to make it to two restaurants. So choosing became very important. I scoured the menus on the website until I settled on Bin 77 as one of the places I would be going to.

Bin 77 is a small wine bar tucked into Perkins Rowe. It would be described as intimate by some people and by cramped as others. It was a bit too tight for comfort- hard to even pull a chair out from a table. The food made up for the difficult seating easily though.

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July 2013: Beach Beauty- Ipsy Bag Review

My first Ipsy Bag arrived recently. The July 2013 theme was Beach Beauty.

July Ipsy Bag

It was very exciting to get such an interesting bag in my first bag from them.

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Houndmouth- “From The Hills Below The City” Review

Back a few months ago, I had the great luck to see Houndmouth live. They were opening for Alabama Shakes in New Orleans and because I am a dedicated early arrival sort when it comes to concerts I was in the very front. Which, in the small venue, means that the band was almost on top of me.

I loved Alabama Shakes, the other openers were okay, and Houndmouth- well I think I am even more interested in seeing them again than Alabama Shakes. I listened to the 4 song EP they had out before about a hundred times while waiting for the album.

And I bought “From The Hills Below The City” the day it came out from Amazon mp3s.

I love it. All of it.

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Mellow Mushroom- Great Crust, Cheesy Menu Names

The Mellow Mushroom is over the top. The decor screams “someone’s fevered dream of what 1969 looked like got barfed all over the inside of this restaurant.”  It is, however, in its own way kind of charming. Perhaps it is my own affection for the era showing through but the mellow mushroom has a delightful kitsch in my opinion. It’s over the top decor is part of its charm.

And the menu names continue to bring out that over the top, cheesy enthusiasm. They serve “Magic Mushroom Soup,” “Enlightened Spinach Salad,” and a “Magical Mystery Tour” pie. Of course, no inventive name could save a disappointing pizza. Luckily they manage to deliver innovative flavor alongside their creative dish names.

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A Review of Jungle Stand’s Tasting Bar- June 2013 Taste of Taiwan

I just got in my first tasting box from Jungle Stand. It feature’s “tastes of Taiwan.”

On opening the box, I was pleased. There seemed to be a pretty unique selection of foods in the box and the theme was clearly tying the foods together despite the variety of items.

The whole box

Thoughts on each item follow the cut

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Julep Maven Intro Box Review

Recently I was reading an xovain article and decided to sign up for Julep Maven as a result.

I got my intro box super quickly and was very pleased with the colors they sent me. Pictures follow.

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My First Glossybox – May 2013 Review

I signed up towards the end of April for Glossybox.

That meant my first box was the May one which I got towards the end of May.

All in all, I am very glad I subscribed but I wish that the survey’s would show availability for me on the website so I can hopefully nudge my further boxes towards make-up and away from skin care products..


My first box!

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Beausoliel- A Restaurant Named for My Ancestor

My mother’s family is very, very Cajun.

So Cajun in fact, that a resistance leader (Joseph Broussard- also know as Beausoliel) from whom we are descended has -among other things- a restaurant named after him.

I got to try the restaurant out a little while back and it was a great experience. We went there on a whim and there was remarkably no wait. The place is pretty small so if you are going on a busy night it may be worth getting a reservation.

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L’auberge Bon Temps Buffet- Trying to Eat at Least $30 in Crab

We went to the L’auberge casino recently because it was my friend’s birthday and he is fond of blackjack.

Our plan had been to go to either the fancy steakhouse or the sports bar. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and the wait at both of those places when we were ready to eat was longer than we felt like dealing with.

So to the buffet!

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Tommy’s Fish House: No Shame in Being a Close Second to a Legend

If you live in Baton Rouge, you probably already know that the best boiled crawfish in town is at Sammy’s. If you didn’t know,  kindly pretend you still don’t.  The crowds there don’t need to get worse.  There is really only a short window most days there that you can eat crawfish without a considerable wait.  (And I am certainly not telling you what time that is.) If I am eating crawfish any other time, I head to Tommy’s Fish House.
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Dream Berrie Cafe- Pho is the Best Comfort Food

Dream Berrie Cafe is an unusual looking place. Part frozen yogurt shop and part Vietnamese food restaurant, it straddles an unusual set of food. The very cold yogurt  is served up -or rather self served, build your own cup style- across the room from the very hot soup.

I can’t comment on the yogurt because I haven’t tried theirs yet. I over frozen-yogurted myself in an attempt to try all the places in town at one point and haven’t been able to get back into it since.

I come here strictly for the Vietnamese food side of things. I have gotten food from here many times, always to go, and never having bothered to call ahead and it is always fast enough that I don’t regret not calling and waiting in the store.

They have dumpling appetizers that I have enjoyed very much, but the real star of this place is the pho.

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