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Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I) Costume Pictures

Photos of my cool Sally Jupiter stylings by JG Greene. 

Sally Jupiter Costume 5

Lots more photos after the jump

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Silk Spectre/ Sally Jupiter Costume Complete

This is the completed Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre costume at comic con.

Comic Con NOLA 2012

Comic Con NOLA 2012

To see more pictures from the New Orleans Comic Con, visit my flickr set.

To see more of the costume go here

To learn how I did the hair follow the links in this post. 

Practicing Sally Jupiter Hair

I am still working on learning to do faux bangs and victory rolls for my Sally Jupiter hair. I have made some progress but it is still pretty tricky.. It involves lots of bobby pins and swearing.

hair practice

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I have been sewing – Sally Jupiter costume

A LOT. It’s actually why I haven’t been posting so much. One of the things I have sewn is a Sally Jupiter costume for comic con.

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