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Re-Styling A Thrift Shop Dress

I bought a dress at a thrift shop today because I liked the color and the neckline. And because it was under $5.  Of course, everything else about the dress was problematic. Long poofy sleeves. A weird mid calf length. About a size too big for me. What’s a girl to do??

Re-Style Project Romper Before

Well first of all a girl takes a before picture. (but not before removing one of the sleeves, I got ahead of myself)  Read the rest of this entry »


Insomnia Sewing Project- A Dress out of a T-shirt

You know those T-shirts they sell in truck stops with wolves and the moon on them? I had one like that with a unicorn (and a moon) on it. It was a trusty sleep shirt but I am not generally inclined to wear an oversized T-shirt out and about so no one was getting to see that particular piece of unicorn clothing I own.

I had been toying with the idea of turning into a mini-dress for a while. I knew it wouldn’t make a very long dress, but I figured it would make something I could wear with leggings length wise. Though not with my unicorn leggings, that would be madness!

Tonight I couldn’t sleep. I had read everything on my rss feed, looked at twitter, even glanced at reddit. I decided it was high time to make that dress, especially since I had seen a perfect zipper and some purple thread while I was unpacking craft supplies.

(sorry about the crummy mirror pictures, at 4 am my picture taking options aren’t great)

Unicorn dress

A bit about the process of making it and the other pictures after the cut.

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Silk Spectre/ Sally Jupiter Costume Complete

This is the completed Sally Jupiter/ Silk Spectre costume at comic con.

Comic Con NOLA 2012

Comic Con NOLA 2012

To see more pictures from the New Orleans Comic Con, visit my flickr set.

To see more of the costume go here

To learn how I did the hair follow the links in this post. 

A Couple Things I Have Made

I wanted to feature pictures of a mask and cloak I made. They were taken by JG Greene. 

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I have been sewing – Sally Jupiter costume

A LOT. It’s actually why I haven’t been posting so much. One of the things I have sewn is a Sally Jupiter costume for comic con.

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