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Videos of the Community Meeting Pertaining to the Louisiana Sinkhole

Videos of the Community Meeting Pertaining to the Louisiana Sinkhole

Bayou Corne sinkhole community meeting videos for you to watch. 


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Sinkhole Situation Worsens

Sinkhole Situation Worsens

New bubble sites are found as the sinkhole situation intensifies. Jindal is still basically ignoring the growing danger. 

The Sinkhole Experienced a Growth Event

This past weekend the Bayou Corne Sinkhole experienced a growth event, burping up crude oil, debris, etc. This came after increased seismic activity in the area.

Workers had to be removed for safety reasons. 

Videos on the sinkhole. Including both a general update and a flyover. 

An article on the situation and Jindal’s lack of reply. 

The advocate’s article on the growth event. 



Work is starting on making a 3D image of the sinkhole



A new article on the sinkhole with some comparison photos.

Smithsonian Publishes Sinkhole Story

Smithsonian Publishes Sinkhole Story

Hopefully this will help bring national attention

A Very Informative Sinkhole Article

A Very Informative Sinkhole Article

This article on the Bayou Corne sinkhole is very informative and worth the read. It reminds us to consider the possible effect on the aquifer which extends beyond the families who have had to leave their homes to the whole of assumption parish. 

New Sinkhole Article

New Sinkhole Article

A new article related to the sinkhole. Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend towards increased coverage. 

Unlike the previous salt dome disaster which occurred suddenly and all at once, this one is creeping forward and getting worse each day. The cavern involved is huge (over 2 square miles) and that does not bode well for a chance the sinkhole will stop spreading soon… 

Bayou Corne Louisiana Sinkhole Petition

Bayou Corne Louisiana Sinkhole Petition

This petition asks that the sinkhole be declared a federal emergency which would boost funds available for dealing with it as well as bring much needed national attention. 

Sinkhole Videos – Louisiana, Bayou Corne

Sinkhole News

Sinkhole News

Finally new sinkhole news! 

Bayou Corne, Louisiana Sinkhole

I recently drove past the federal agency trucks on highway 70 monitoring the sinkhole situation. Air control monitoring, homeland security, etc. All by the relief well burning off methane. 

The sinkhole is massive and has driven many families out of their homes and our governor is doing his best to ignore it. While the sinkhole has grown in size the evacuation zone has not. 

The press on it is really limited. The last major article I could find is here. 

The sinkhole is starting to threaten highway 70 as well. 

I will be posting whatever new info on the sinkhole is available on here. 

I also want to remind people of our previous salt dome disaster... 

Bayou Corne, Louisiana Sinkhole Update

Resident pleas for help from Jindal

Sinkhole flyover