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How Dirty Hippie and F***ing Hipster Are Basically The Same Slur

First, before you read any of what I have to say you have to watch this video. I am going to build on ideas from it and my post won’t make much sense if you don’t have that as a background concept.  It’s short and worth viewing. In fact, you should watch all the idea channel videos. But not until after you read my post. Just watch this one for now.

Here’s another idea! (hah, I appropriated his thing!) “Dirty Hippie” and “F-ing Hipster” are essentially the same insult. Why you ask?

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Home Owners Associations- Forcing Conformity

I am moving into a rental property in an area that has a Home Owners Association. (ugh, I have always been wary of these but the rental market here is limited) The rental agreement says that any fines for violations of the Home Owners Association rules have to be paid by the tenant so I started looking them over.

Now as a renter and not an owner I have no voting rights in the association but even if I was an owner it is likely that the wealthiest in the neighborhood really make the rules as others are likely to do what they say.

No parking on the grass ever no matter what or they will tow your car. That appears to include a threat that they will tow vehicles off of your yard, not just common areas. It seems insane to assert the right to tow vehicles off someone’s property without their consent but they do.

No motorhomes, travel trailers, etc. Evidently if you can’t afford to rent an additional place to store it they think you shouldn’t be allowed to own it.

No signs without approval except one small for sale sign. So if you wanted to put up a political yard sign during election season you would need permission. From people who may disagree with your politics and discriminate against you because of it.

No hanging clothes on a line. Even in your backyard. Don’t want to waste electricity on the clothes drier? Tough luck.

No poultry/livestock. The city says you can have chickens in city limits. They say no. They say the city laws regarding animals aren’t good enough and they have to make their own.

You can’t build a fence on your own property without submitting it to a committee for approval.

Want to paint your home? Better hope they like the color.

Essentially it is conform or else.

The “Land of the Free” is a land of thousands of these such associations meant to discourage individuality and force conformity.

Why Pink?

It’s October which means that our stores are full of pink stuff. 

There is a lot of discussion out there already about whether this pink washing actually does any good for breast cancer research or if it is just something people do to make themselves feel good. That is not the question I am asking today. Rather I am asking why pink? Why breast cancer?

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