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Cory Booker- Beyond the Senate Race

Cory Booker has a healthy lead and it seems pretty likely that he will be the new senator for the state of New Jersey.

The Newark Mayor has an intense social media presence on twitter and a huge following nation wide given his very hands on nature. During hurricane Sandy he was actively putting people in touch with resources and even had citizens at his house using his electricity. He also has been known to run into burning buildings to help people. And rescue dogs left outside in hostile weather conditions. (not an exaggeration- actual events!)

In fact, given his character and media presence, I can’t help but ask myself – Will Booker be in the senate long?

Not that I think that he will not be able to withstand a re-election cycle. Rather I think that Booker is a plausible vice presidential pick for a 2016 Democratic ticket. While I don’t think he can pull out a presidential nomination, he seems like a strong person to place down ticket. He would be great on a national campaign circuit with his astounding energy levels. And he has strong chops on executive experience as the mayor the largest city in New Jersey- particularly given his executive leadership during the aftermath of Sandy. This could help round out the ticket for a candidate who had spent their time in the legislative branch and was lacking in executive experience.

Plus the old desire to balance a ticket with a Southern is quickly fading for the DNC as they realize that they can easily win elections without carrying the south at all. (Though that hasn’t stopped them from planning to work to bring Texas into contention)

So Cory Booker for Vice President in 2016? Seems like it could happen.


Biden’s Not Stupid – Pre-Debate Thoughts

Biden is not an idiot.

Sure, he says stupid gaffes some times but that proves nothing about his intelligence. We all say stupid things sometimes. The difference is most of us don’t have a slew of cameras following around. Making mistakes is a part of being human and a trait that other politicians work elaborately to hide.

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