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Tropes vs. Women- Video Games

Tropes vs. Women- Video Games

In honor of International Women’s Day, watch this video about the trope that places women as the damsel in distress in video games.


Interesting Facts about Women in Congress

Interesting Facts about Women in Congress

We sent a record number of women to congress! Nowhere near the 50% which would be population proportional but still.. Jezebel put together an article with interesting facts about our congressional ladies. 

I find this one : ” 16. Chellie Pingree (D) ME Has authored and produced five books on knitting. ” to be especially awesome. It’s a pretty entertaining list. 

Though I will say I feel that they could easily have came up with something way better than this for Mary “73. Mary Landrieu (D) LA Her father, the former mayor of New Orleans, goes by the name “Moon.” I maybe would have added to the end “(Her brother is the current mayor of the city)”. Or I would have used a more interesting tidbit.

There was the whole plot to tap her phones by O’Keefe. I think that is a bit more interesting than her dad’s name. 

Plus she was involved in Bernie Sanders super long real talking filibuster against extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. (in 2010) She spoke for a while to give Bernie a break. 

Both more interesting facts. But oh well. I am sure people from other states could point out more interesting tidbits about their house reps and senators. 

Complicit In The Patriarchy

Complicit In The Patriarchy

When Pretty Women Act Stupid & When Smart Women Make Themselves Ugly

I have a friend who is the picture of “pretty”-conventionally attractive. She has the blonde hair, tan skin, the barbie doll figure, always 100% put together and polished. I sometimes wonder if she pops out of bed every hair in place and fake eyelashes already applied. She is also very smart but many people she meets don’t get to see that. She plays dumb, ditsy and dense.

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