2014 Louisiana Legislative Session

My coverage of the session:

I am featuring a variety of legislative items and providing summaries of them. Below are the articles I currently have.  If you looking for information on a specific topic or legislator, it may help to use the search function found at the bottom of my blog page.

(HB- House Bill, HCR- House Concurrent Resolution, HR- House Resolution, SB- Senate Bill)

I : The entry covers  HCR1, SB12, SB46, SB50, SB61, SB78, SB87, SB94, and SB96

II: This entry covers HB10, HB12, HB13, HB14, HB20, HB38, HB71, HB72, HB96, and HB101.

III: This entry covers: SB107, SB115, SB123, SB144, SB151, SB160, SB164, SB175, SB187, and SB200

IV: This post covers: HB103, HB108, HB121, HB124, HB129, HB148, HB172, HB174, HB187, and HB199

V: This entry covers: HB203, HB208, HB217, HB240, HB247, HB261, HB268, HB283, and HB290

VI: This entry covers: SB201, SB209, SB237, SB245, SB250, SB 275, and SB 292

VII: This entry covers: HB305, HB313, HB321, HB325, HB328, HB332, HB335, HB348, HB356, HB369, HB382, HB385, and HB388

VIII: This entry covers: HB413, HB451, HB461, HB469, HB491, HB494, HB499, and HB501

IX: This entry covers:  SB308, SB311, SB312, SB313, SB323, SB330, SB352, SB356, and SB361

X: This entry covers: SB406, SB422, SB424, SB440, SB485, SB493, and SB496

XI: This entry covers: SB527, SB541, SB546, SB551, HR1, HCR1

XII: This entry covers: HB503, HB516, HB520, HB521, HB536, HB556, HB589, HB590, HB591, and HB592

XIII: This entry covers: HB627, HB631, HB644, HB645, HB646, HB675, HB676, HB677, HB670, HB673,  and HB687

XIV: This entry covers: HB707, HB719, HB720, HB727, HB732, HB733, HB746, HB749, HB753, HB754, HB755, HB759, HB797, and HB801

XV: This entry covers: HB804, HB813, HB826, HB827, HB828, HB829, HB835, HB836, HB839, HB849, HB859, HB861, HB871, HB876, HB877, HB887, HB889, and HB896

XVI: This entry covers: HB906, HB907, HB908, HB910, HB922, HB937, HB938, HB939, HB952, HB961, HB962, HB969, HB976, and HB999

XVII: This entry covers: HB1008, HB1024, HB1038, and HB1041

XVIII: This entry covers: HB1054, HB1059, HB1066 and SB571

Who voted to move Anti Choice House Bill 388 (HB388) forward out of committee ? Full list here. 

Want to know where that bill came from? 

Corresponding With An Anti-Choice Representative, Part 1: Katrina Jackson